Are you and your dog already in training, either with Yellow Brick Dogs or another trainer/class? 

Does your dog need more exercise and enrichment? 

Don't want to let your hard work get "undone" by an inexperienced dog handler? 

Would you like a professional dog trainer to come take your dog for an adventure during the day when you can't be there?

We lead busy lives, and our dogs can suffer for it. Lack of exercise, mental stimulation, and one-on-one attention can lead to behavioral problems. Yellow Brick Dogs offers you a solution to this issue. Just like the traditional "dog walker", I will come to your house in the middle of the day. However, beyond that, your dog is in for something totally different! A solid hour of training, playing, games, running, socializing, and yes, maybe a walk as well. Each dog is different! Some want to run full tilt in an open field! Others crave mental exercise and want to learn new things.

I can work with your dog on leash skills, cues such as sit and down stay, recall (come when called!), and waiting at doors. More advanced dogs might learn new tricks such as roll over, backing up, spin, high five, jump (over), and more. Dogs who like social experiences will go with me to places like pet supply stores, Stony Point Fashion Park, and Bass Pro Shops. Dogs with loads of energy can go on hikes, swimming trips or rock-hops on the James River, or bike rides.

Have a new puppy? Set him or her up for house training success by having me come out for half sessions. Young pups don't need the same kind of "rock and roll" exercise that young adult and grown up dogs need, but they still need play time, and mental stimulation. I'll make sure puppy gets rewarded for going potty outside, and we'll work on puppy basics like handling, sit, down, leave-it, bite inhibition, etc.
Sessions last an hour (maybe a bit less, depending on travel time to your home) and usually take place Monday-Friday between 10AM and 4PM, but you may request specific times. You can have me come once a week as a special treat for your dog, or whenever you have an extra-long day at work or will be out of the house for a while. Your dog will get high quality, positive, reward based professional training, burn energy, and have fun at the same time. I will leave you a report on what we worked on (or what fun adventures we had), along with protocols for maintaining any training so that it carries over to you as well. If I am the only one training the dog, sure, his skills will improve, but the key is for everyone to be involved.

More Than A Walk sessions are $25-40 each, and we can set up a payment plan that works best for you, whether it's daily, weekly, or monthly. E-mail me to set up a time to meet and discuss you and your dog's needs.