New Add-on Package for Existing Training & MTAW Clients!

If you've ever taken a lesson with me, you'll know one of my favorite mantras:

"The more skills your dog knows, the less likely he is to offer behavior you don't like."

Basically, every time you teach your dog a new skill or behavior, you're giving him/her a new way of communicating with you. Who says those skills need to be boring! Having fun with your dog reduces stress and improves your relationship. Not to mention that tricks are impressive and can be a great ice breaker at your next party. 

Now, I can help you add even more to your dog's repertoire of skills, with the Trick of the Month Club! Only available to existing clients, whether your dog sees me for MTAW sessions, or I'm working with both of you in Private Lessons. Each month, I'll send you a handout on teaching a new trick. Each time I see your dog for a MTAW or a lesson, I will teach your dog said trick. Ideally, I'll need to see your dog at least 3 times in the month for best results. The trick training won't take time from your dog's regular MTAW or lesson, it's an add-on for even more training fun. Once I feel your dog has the hang of it, I'll send you video of your dog performing the trick. If your dog has performance anxiety and isn't showing off his/her new trick for you, let me know and I'll pop by for a quick tune-up with you present.

You can sign up by the month for specific tricks that catch your fancy, or you can sign up for 6 months, or even the whole year (that's 12 new tricks for your dog!). 

One month -- $30

6 months -- $27/month

12 months -- $25/month

Here's the schedule for the next 6 months (subject to change):

Nov 2015 Sit Up & Don't Beg

Dec 2015 Treat Balancing Act (a.k.a My Fair Lady) 

Jan 2016 Take a Bow (Wow)

Feb 2016 Nice To Meet You (Shake) 

Mar 2016 Close A Cabinet/Door

Apr 2016  Back Up/Reverse

E-mail me to get started!