At this time, we are not taking any new walking clients.

Does your dog need more exercise, enrichment, and attention? 

Do you struggle to find the energy to work with your dog after a long day?

Would you like your dog to have more outside time during the week?

Is your dog reactive or aggressive to other dogs? Do you worry about walking him or her?

We all lead busy lives, and our dogs can suffer for it. Lack of exercise, mental stimulation, and one-on-one attention can lead to behavioral problems. I am happy to offer you a solution to this issue. I will come by your house in the middle of the day to give your dog the attention they crave. I call these visits More Than A Walks, but they’re also known as hikes, Sniff-aris, training walks, and playdates. This isn’t a simple potty walk around the block (though I do that, too!). Depending on your location and what is nearby, I will take your dog to a park, field, or other fun location for their outing. If your dog is social, I may bring another friendly dog with me, so that they can play and walk together. Variety is the spice of life, and dogs appreciate a little novelty in their routine!

I will work with your dog on their leash skills and maintain their manners, all using positive reinforcement training. During our outings, your dog will have ample opportunities to sniff and explore, which is great mental stimulation. Did you know that dogs have up to 300 million scent receptors in their noses? We only have about 6 million. So, when your dog stops to smell that sign post, they’re not being rude or lazy—they’re getting a lot of information that we can’t even begin to imagine. In my experience, dogs who get lots of time outside, exploring and sniffing at their own pace, have fewer behavioral problems, like excessive chewing, barking, etc. Even major concerns like anxiety and fear can be helped with a consistent outdoor exercise program.

Have a new puppy? Set him or her up for house training success by having me come out for half sessions. Young pups don't need the same kind of exercise that young adult and grown up dogs need, but they still need play time, and mental stimulation. I'll make sure puppy gets rewarded for going potty outside, and we'll work on puppy basics like attention, handling, sit, down, leave-it, bite inhibition, etc.
Sessions last 30 minutes to 1 hour and take place Monday-Friday between 11AM and 4PM, but you may request specific times. You can have me come a few times a week, or as a special treat whenever you have an extra-long day at work or will be out of the house for a while. Your dog will get quality time with me, and you’ll feel good about your dog’s day.

More Than A Walk sessions are $35-65 each, and we can set up a payment plan that works best for you. I also offer quick potty outings, for $15-20 each. Currently only accepting new walking clients in Bon Air, Lakeside, Bellevue, Northside, Byrd Park, Museum District, Near West End, and West End. E-mail me to set up a time to meet and discuss you and your dog's needs.