Client Feedback 

My clients are some great dog trainers! Dog training, especially when there are behaviors issues involved, isn't always a natural skill. Good trainers are gracious learners, patient with themselves & their dogs, hard workers, consistent, generous, and clear in their communication. It has been a privilege to work with every single person and dog I've met over the years. I learn something from each one of you! I am happy to say the feeling is mutual; here is a selection of feedback I've received from clients (with select editing for typos, not content).

Letter From Dharma's Mom           Letter From Ruby's Dad                Letter From Ava & Astro's Mom


"Thanks again for meeting with us last Sunday. We have been working on the target training and also on walking away when Hildi tries to jump. We have shared with all of the kids' friends our strategies as well. On Monday, she actually seemed jumpier, but has since settled down. I think she really gets the idea of the target training now and will even do it if no food is involved or from across the room or without the clicker (but not all of these at once!). We have been trying to spend more time with her in the backyard, keeping her more engaged than just walking. We've also been playing games to try to stimulate her brain! " K & Hildi (Bernese Mountain Dog)


"Just wanted to let you know the girls have been making great progress since your last visit (especially with urinating in the house!)." M & Peka (Pekinese Mix) & Meredith (Terrier Mix)


We had Lulu come to our home for our pitbull to learn better manners. She did a wonderful job with us and our dog. Very patient and knowledgeable. Thank you Lulu. She was on time and I appreciated her NEVER checking her watch. She actually gave us extra time. All of her attention was for our dog and giving us the information we needed to be better parents. thank you Lulu!”
— D & Kimbo (Pittie Mix)


"Thank you!  I have been busy at work but wanted to take a second to let you know that I received your email.  We enjoyed having you over and teaching us a few things the other night.  We will try to continue with training and using the handouts you have sent to me.  Thank you again and I will talk to you later. " F, Bear (Rottweiler), Cruizer & Girl (Pit Bulls)


"Shadow is learning and getting better at many things.  Even able to go on walks!!!" - A, J, and Shadow (Lab Mix)


" I actually enjoy taking her for walks now." 

--C & Peanut



"Thanks for the info! We've had a great week with no incidents! We got her a large cage, which she loves, and we use the Kong in the morning when we leave. Thanks again!" J & Peanut (Chihuahua mix)


"I greatly appreciate all your help, Sheba really has improved, and my parents are happy to use the tips I learned from you." J & Sheba (Cattle Dog/Australian Shepherd)

Lulu, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! These next steps are wonderful - even do-able for us. They are perfect for Pippa’s training, and we appreciate them very much. You even tailored them to Pippa’s (my) progress, which I am especially grateful for, since I am the primary trainer. I have started getting Pippa to wait at the door again, and I am faithfully stopping at the steps. That is so much better than grabbing the rail as we speed away! Since this morning was so much cooler, I even ventured out the gate and down the street a little bit. Pippa did pull, and I faithfully stopped each time. We did not get very far, but she did pull less. Thank you so much, Lulu.”
— C, G, & Pippa (Old English Sheepdog & Poodle Mix)


"Thanks so much for yesterday!  I feel like we're already moving right along with Chessie!" C & Chessie (Labrador Retriever)


"Lyla is doing well!  She still is having issues walking outside of the house when not with the other dog.  But while in the house, she has grown into a completely different dog...I've been working on teaching her different tricks and she is enjoying that a lot.  She is picking up everything super quickly." S & Lyla (Border Collie Mix)


"We can't thank you enough for your help and expertise." C & Miles (Labrador)


“Riley is getting so much better, I’m so glad I stuck it out with him, and I really appreciate all of your help. We have been going down to the river on weekends, once we get there, I let him off-leash, and he runs around, doesn’t go too far, comes back immediately when I call, let’s me put the leash back on, greets other people and dogs nicely, and has a GREAT time leaping around in the water and sniffing around in the woods. I’m so glad that he is finally to the point we can do something like that. He is still hard to walk on the leash, but its not so tiring and miserable now. Of course he is still strong and big and bony, and living with him is like living with someone who is swinging around a bag full of rocks all the time— you have to be careful— but he is really much calmer in the house most of the time, and he is a great watch dog.”
— J & Riley (German Shepherd Mix)


"Thank you again for coming out, we enjoyed meeting you as well. Mochi had a great time and is showing some good improvements already." K & Mochi (Malamute)

"Your guidance with Dugan has been extremely helpful, and we are so happy to have found your service." J, M, and Dugan (Golden Retriever Mix)

"Thank you again for all your assistance, advice, patience and your 'caring' ... and for sharing your knowledge." D & Roxy (Doberman)


“We are doing really well. Enzo has stopped biting us for the most part. Sometimes he gently nibbles on my hand but that is it. He also is getting much better about biting people’s pants. We still need to continue to reinforce “drop it” for him. He is doing well with sit, crate training and house breaking for the most part.”
— S & Enzo (Goldendoodle)